City information systems (CIS)

The city information system is an integrated set of services and technology to provide residents and tourists with information about public transport and other important aspects of city life.

It includes, among others: address and street boards, direction indicators for pedestrians, information for drivers, city pylons divided into downtown, housing estate and historical pylons, pedestrian transport hubs, historical information, as well as all passenger information for public transport users.

CIS is often also used as a carrier of advertising content. This solution enables the CIS to generate income and, as a result, fully or partially cover the costs associated with its maintenance or creation. It is important that the advertising message complements the composition and does not disturb the essence of the functioning of the CIS, i.e. the transmission of information content. 

The availability and appropriate location of elements and the comprehensiveness of the information provided are equally important and the media used, as well as the coherence of the system with other elements of urban space and with other channels of urban information transmission.