Printed advertisements

UV flatbed printing is a digital printing technology, in which UV paints are hardened using ultraviolet radiation. This method allows the paints to immediately harden on the surface of the material, eliminating the need to wait for it to dry. UV printing allows you to print on a variety of materials. Its advantages include high print quality and scratch resistance and UV radiation as well as the ability to print on unusual surfaces. Additionally, UV paints do not contain volatile organic compounds, which makes them more environmentally friendly. UV printing is often used in the advertising industry to produce banners, semaphore signs and stickers.

Print on foil offers exceptional durability and resistance to weather conditions, which makes it a perfect solution for outdoor advertising applications. Thanks to UV technology, this type of printing allows you to obtain high-quality images with expressive colors and details, which is extremely important in advertising and visual identification. In addition, UV printing on self-adhesive foil allows the use of various special effects, such as UV varnishing, which further increases the attractiveness of the final product.

Thanks to the possibility of printing on a wide range of self-adhesive foils, this type of technology is used in various industries, from outdoor and indoor advertising to stickers and label production.